Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st Semester down

It's true I have survived the first semester of Cosmetology school. I can't believe I was able to work full time and ended up going to school full time. The orientation class gave me the basics of what we will be doing on an everday basis from here on out. Wow can I say just a little nervous to be out on the floor working on a live people instead of just Maniquines that don't move and they don't care if I mess up. My friend Heather and I joke that we will need to take a few valume before we go to school on Tuesday to calm our nerves. I ended up taking a 2 week crash course which turned out better that expected. It was intense 2 weeks with a few assignments due each day but I came out of this semester with a 4.0!!! YAY!!!!
Now time to move on with this schooling and I hope to be completed by August of next year. That seems so crazy to me to be done that soon. Lets hope that everything goes as planned with no hiccups in the road and I will be your ceritifed hairdresser. Maybe one day I will put pictures up of the different styles that we learned. But for now I am done with orientation and onto the next step in this long road of cosmetology school.

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Lisa Child said...

Its really not that long of a road! And it sounds like you are already doing so amazingly well!! Great Job! :) Hope your real people practice is a good experience too!