Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well this year for Christmas was very exciting. We woke up to a tree filled with presents under it from each other. Both Rob and I were in dyier need of clothes so we can stop wearing the same thing every week. I got 2 pairs of pants, shirts, boots, and a few movies. Rob also got 2 pairs of pants, shirts, movies and a clock. And the big "family" present (but mostly for me) was a new camera. Mine was lost when my family went wave running during the summer, so it has been a while since we had any nice pictures taken. It was Thanksgiving day when I was going through all the black friday ads that I found the camera, we thought it was such a good deal for the camera we couldn't pass it up. We got a Kodak EasyShare M340 and it has been so much fun to have and take pictures of our random happenings.

My side of the family just decided to take an angel of the tree at my parents ward and get them something and we would just have a nice family dinner on Christmas. My parents had what we call funeral potatoes and a honey baked ham (Compliments of my work that gave everyone a $50.00 gift card to Honey Bank Ham store) and rolls, and just a fun time to be together as family.
Also about one week before Christmas we got to find out what Elizabeth was having. Drum roll please . . . . . . It's a boy!!! We are so excited and on Christmas we got to watch the movie that was taken when they went in for their ultrasound. The name they are thinking of is Kolton James Vanfleet. We will see when the baby arrives May 8, 2010.
For Robs side of the family our gift to everyone was family pictures, so my brother David was willing to come on Christmas to his parents house and wait to take pictures of all the brothers and sister and grandkids and all. At that party his parents got us a spice rack that I have wanted since we got married and also a clock that in the center it says "Families are Forever".

(not the exact same one)
It has been a great year full of ups and downs and a great Christmas season for us. We will see what 2010 has to bring us. I will try to post more often its just so hard with only having the internet at work and not at home.

Merry Chirstmas!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Schools Out!

Well I am happy to say that I am done with school for the semester. My final for my writing class was a group presentation with a persuassive essay. Which was pretty easy since I was the one that had to bring the paper together and edith the final paper. For my math final it was a 33 questions test over everthing I learned through the class. I happy to say I got a 91% on the test. Well if you care to know my overall grade here it is.
I got an A in both classes.

I am so happy to be done, I can come home from work and be stress free and not have to worry about a test or a paper that is due on Wednesdays. No onto my barbering/cosmetology class that starts 1-11-2010. I will be going from 5-10 pm Monday through Thursday. I will be one worn out lady. I am going to apologize in advance to my husband for anything that happens this semester (laziness, onry, tired, grumpy etc..) but until then I am free to do what I want.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Pictures

Well its that time of year again to take family pictures. For my family it always seems like such a chore to get them done. As our family is getting bigger by the year there is so much to consider for one hour of taking pictures such as: peoples schedules, photographer, color of shirts to wear, where to take the picture at. My mom loves to color coordinate or everyone wear the same general color (which I think looks great). So this year we choose to wear black shirt and be outside and go to the state capital. I have a friend from work ( that I just love her work and how she edits the pictures and I was able to get my mom to agree to go with her. I would recommend her to anyone, she is so patient and just a ball of energy. She makes sure you are happy with the pictures before you leave. So without further delay here are just a couple of the day. Note these are before Tien has edited anything of them.

This one is my favorite

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, just thought I would do a little post about it. I am so excited to be with family and enjoy the holiday season (and to pig out on turkey dinner). We love this time year, with the frost on the ground and the crisp air in the morning with the snow on the mountains. Who could ask for a better time of year. Just to name a few things I am thankful for here is just a short list:

∙Family (my side and my husbands side)
∙My Husband
∙My Job
∙My house
∙My health
∙My animals
∙A car to get me places

There is so many more things that I am thankful for but we will just leave it at that. (The list would go on forever, we are so blessed).

And some things to look forward to:
∙Black Friday (So excited!!!!)
∙Family Pictures by Tien

Saturday, October 31, 2009

All about Paisley

Just for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of paisley having a good ol'e time after her bath and with her toys.

Isn't she just so adorable

Just after her bath

Paisley just chillin in her bed

The Animals are ready for Christmas

So we absolutly love the Dollar store that is about 5 minutes from us. You would not believe the fun things you can get there. Anyways as we were walking down the pet asile I came across and outfit that would work for all the animals we have. The outfit is something that goes around there next with jingle bells and then an elf hat to put on there head. So here is the pictures a few of them with it on. Keyko let us get the best picture but hey they are still so cute so I had to put it up.

Here is Paisley:
(I am thinking about putting this on her for our family pictures what do you think)

Here is Keyko:

New Hair- I am in love

That's right I decided to chop the hair off. I was a drastic change for me but I love it so much. Its nice to have short hair but I also miss the long hair some days, it just depends on my mood. II donated about 10 inches to Locks of Love, which left the hair just past the shoulder. I told her to just keep going and I absolutly love what she did with the hair and taught me how to style it correctly. I would recommend Jessica Sessions to anyone who needs anything done with your hair. She does exactly what you request. By the way if you cant tell its an a-line look. I have only figured out a few styles but I am working on it everyday.

So here is the before:

(Its not the best but you get the idea of how long it was)

Here is the After:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paisley Girl

So as the other day I gave Paisley a bath because she was beginning to smell. So after her bath I decided I would put her hair up on the top of her head as you can see in the pictures. By the end of the night everything was torn out of her hair. Sorry the pictures are so bad thery are from my phone that is not very great quality, but hey you get the idea.
Here she is sitting with Rob

This is after she takes everything out crazy hair girl.

Paisley sitting so cute on the couch.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazing deals found here
I got this off of a friends blog and checked it out, if only I knew about it sooner since I am a coupon clipper. I make sure we go to the store every Sunday to get the newspaper. If I am feeling lucky that day I sometimes get the Sunday double deal. I love saving money everyway I can. Anyways check it out and you can save some money too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

1 Year Anniversary

On Sunday September 20th it was our 1 year anniversary. I can't believe it has already been a full year of marriage. I has been the best decision of my life. I love every minute of married life. Rob is so sweet to me, tells me he loves me everyday before I leave for work and went I get home from work. We always kiss each other to start the day and end the day. I love it when he tells me I look beautiful even when I think I am having a fat moment.
People always say the first year of marriage is always the hardest, you know it has its moments but it has been the best year of my life. I love you so much honey. I am so excited to be able to spend eternity with you and start a family in the future (we have already started that Paisley joined our family in August). Anyways it has been a great year and it will only get better from here.

For our anniversary we took a trip out to Wendover, Nevada to just have a little get-a-way. It was so much fun we tried our luck on the 25 cents slots. Rob didn't make us any money his $5 was gone in like 10 minutes I was able to play $5 for 2 days. I made like $5 extra dollars then lost it all. The room was so awesome; it was really dark so of course we slept till like 10 or 11 every day, the room had mirrors and party lights at the top of the room. The first night we decided to go out for our "anniversary dinner" it was so much money and the food was not the great. In the middle of our dinner Rob supprised me with my wedding ring, he traded it in an got me the same style of ring but it was a 1 ct tw. The whole week had was trying to figure out how to get my to not wear it. So he came up with the idea that he was taking the rings in for appraisal to get insurance for them, he is so sneaky and I belived every word he was saying. I love my new ring I look at it everyday and reminds me of him and our special wedding day that and the vows we made together.

I love him so much I can not imagine my life without him and what I would be doing right now.

Football Season

Our weekends around here mean one thing. Football! The season has begun and Rob is already hooked. BYU on Saturdays and Redskins (whne they are on) on Sundays, sometimes even Monday nights. ESPN is literally on all day at my house. Or Channel 13 or 2...depends which station has football on it. I will give him some credit we do get to pick something that is recorded on the DVR when we are going to bed. I forget about football season until fall when it roles around again (I like it much more than Baseball) Don't get me wrong, I like watching them too but when it is on ALL day it eats at you sometimes....there is only so many bad sports commentators, and screaming fans I can take in one day. So, here is to a quick and exciting football season...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The BIG 21st Birthday

Well on August 25th I turned the BIG 21. I am officially an adult and legal now. I had to work on my birthday but it was not to bad, it was a pretty easy day at work. When I got home my husband suprised me with a gift to open and it has some earings in it. They are so beautiful. He wants to see me with the dangly earings and fun stuff like that, so he though this would a good time to start getting used to them. Then he also suprised me with a Shih Tzu puppy that we were able to pick up on Thursday we just had to meet the lady half was, because she lives in Idaho. My husband kept saying that you can never find a puppy this small and for the same price in Salt Lake. She is so much fun to have around and buying clothes and toys and bows and things like that. Last night though she was running around with us alot for like 4 hours in the car and stores, and she has started to have a little bit of the runs, luckily she is pretty good about going on her piddle pad. I hope she gets feeling better soon. She is so much fun to have around and cuddle and lay and play with. (oh and I decided her name is Princess Paisley). Let me know what you think if anyone ever reads this. Anyways we had a really great Birthdays right after each other, and it is only going to get better from here. I love you babe!!!! Thanks for all you do and provide for me. I will post some pictures tomorrow when I am at my parents house for our birthday dinner.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob

Well this weekend we were able to celebrate Rob's birthday at Payson lakes fishing. We are kind of short on money this year so he gave me the idea that we could go fishing and he absoultly loved it. On Sunday we woke up at 4:30 in the moring to get the car packed ready to go and finally left at 5:30 because I was so slow (Sorry Honey). We got up there at about 7 am and we were the first to get there so we got to pick anywhere we wanted to fish from. So after walking around the lake with all of our things we needed we decided to get set up and start getting the poles ready.
Well I am not someone that will touch the fish order put worms on the hook, so he had to spend the first hour getting both poles ready. Well he caught the first fish and as soon as Rob got it to the shore the fish was trying to get away and he won the battle and we lost him, Rob was so mad becuase it was huge and we never catch really big fish up here so he was so upset. We the whole day we lost about 3 fish. After the first spot we were having no luck with catching anything so we decided to move a few yards down to the next place that looked good. Well this is where we had all the luck. At this new place someone was to the left of us trying to catch fish with his son and was having no luck so he came to us and asked what we were using to get all the fish, (My man is amazing) all he used was Pink cheese and a Worm. So by the end of the day we were able to catch a total of ten and lost about 3 the entire day. Here is our string of fish we got 10 cook for dinner that night.

And we were also lucky that it only rained twice and it wasn't to bad of a storm, but I was freezing because I didn't think it would be like that all day long.

Here are some pictures of the day, they might be a little bad because I only had my phone and our camera is lost right now. But I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

I know I am a little late for this but I just wanted to My fater and father-in-law HAPPY FATHERS DAY! They are both such great men who have done so much for me in my life. My dad is such a great example of hard work, integrity, love and patience. He is always there whenever I need anything from him and I wouldn't be the same without him. My father-in-Law has been so great to me from the very beginning, he has always treated me like I was his own child. I am so greatful for both examples in my life. I love both of them so much. Thanks for always being there for us both DADS!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updates Galore

Wow it has been a long time since I last posted anything. Its been kind of a wild month with things going on every weekend, and not getting a break. Sorry this one is going to be a long post but you'll get over it. Well alot has been going on so I will just let you know one thing at a time that has happened. And I ran out of time updating this at work so the last one that is so important to me I will post about tomorrow, So check back and you can hear some good news.

Mothers Day

Just want to throw a little shout out to Mom Whiting and Mom Feland, I know its a little late but moms do so much for everyone that we can't only celebrate just one day for them, everyday should be moms day. Anyways, these are two very special women in our lives. We love them so much, and we know they would do anything for us if we ever needed. Just want to thank each of you for the love and support you have shown to us and being there fore us when we are struggling. We love being able to have each one of you so close to us, and one day we will be so happy that we can tell oure kids they have 2 totally AWESOME and LOVING grandma's. We love you Mom Whiting and Mom Feland. You are special women that who knows what we would do with out.

My new home

Well On May 5th I decided to get off work early so we could go look for a new apartment. For some reason I decided that we should go look for an apartment in the heart of downtown, now I look back and say why did I ever say that. Some of these places were so disgusting and not a hommy kind of feeling. Rob kept asking me, "would you ever come home at night by yourself." I kept thinking to myself I don't even like to go to the store by myself at night why would I ever live hear and come home by myself. That option faded real quick. Our last resort was the place that we live in now. Im not going to say what it is called or the address on the internet that is to scary, incase there is anyone that reads this that doesn't know me. But I absolutly love the place, it has 2 swimming pools, 2 workout gyms, 2 laundry sites, a HUGE walk in closet and so on. The only thing is we are on the top floor, but hey we will deal with it. So we moved in on May 9th and finally are just getting everything figured out and put in its place. Once again when we get the internet I will put up some pictures of the apartment on the inside only.

The Wedding

Well my twin sister got married on May 2nd. Wow it was a long long day. I had gone to be the night before at about 11 or 12 pm, and I had to be up at 2:30 in the morning to get to my parents house to start my sisters hair. Well I finished her hair all up and went outside to meet me husband and it started sprinkling. Well we had to rearrage her hair and put it up so it didn't flatten from the day. Just when I thought I was finished with everything my two sisters and my mom decide they would like me to help them with there hair also. Well everyone had to be to the temple by about 7 because there session started at 7:40. Wow that is a very extremely early morning.
Just after they were sealed went them came out to have everyone see them and take pictures it was just pooring rain. So lets just say there are not to many great pictures of them at the temple. (I am thinking of when they get back from Brad's summer job I will take them both back and walk around the temple and get some good pictures for them.)
After that we had a lunchin that was catered that Brad's family did for the day. It was some delicious food. it was salad, chicken fetticini, bread sticks, water and cookies. In the mean time Melinda our oldest sister had to remake the bouquet and coursage and let just say every flower that was needs for the night because the frige that we stored all the flowers in was to cold and froze them all except the bridal bouquet. We didn't finish making them until the reception had started and and people were coming in to visit the bride and goom.
Well it was really actually a great and eventfull day that I am sure they will never forget. And now there are in Florida for the summer for Brad's job and Elizabeth gets to enjoy the humid weather and the beach that is 5 minutes away from them.
(When I get the internet at my house I will post some pictures of the beautifull day)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Elizabeth's Bridals

I took Elizabeth out the first day we got her dress from Latter Day Bride on a spur of the moment decision. I had so much fun taking them and editing them on a site called Picnik. She is going to be a beautiful bride and a wonderful wife to Brad. I can't believe that Brad and Elizabeth have only one week left before they get married on May 2nd.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


My wonderful Husband loves giving suprises but doesn't keep them a secret very well. On Tuesday he knew what he was going to get me for Easter but couldn't keep the secret from me and I found out I was getting a Pomeranian dog. I was so excited I couldn't control myself. He said we will be able to pick it up on Wednesday. That night when we got home from work I got on the computer to start reading about them, and how they act and the things they like so I could get him used to us and our home.

On Wednesday work could not go any slower I was so excited to get my new dog (I have wanted one of these for so long). All day at work I was looking for names that we could name him once we saw him for the first time. The one that stuck in my head all day at work was Gunner, I didn't like any of the others was theat came up. So when I finally got to see him I instantly knew he was Gunner. That night we had so much fun with him. But the poor thing we kept him on his leash the entire night so we knew where he was at all times. And my wonderful Husband was up with him all night so I could get some sleep to work the next day. He is so great to me. I love him so much.
We are trying to break of his old habits that the old owners let him do. Some of them I am very disappointed with but we are going to keep working with him and hopefully it will work out for us.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moving Time!!

Well our lease is up with our apartment and we are waiting for Rob to start his job up in Wyoming. This post will have no pictures because well the last night we were at our apartment we were broken into, they got away with my laptop, camera, diamond earings, watch, and some DVDS. I was crying so hard when I found out what had happened and luckily we have renters insurance. So we are unable to get on the internet or take pictures until we see what the insurance will help us with, I am actually posting this at my work in my free time between calls.
I love the place we were able to stay in, I wanted the hardwood floors so bad now I realize you can ALWAYS tell when your floor is dirty. They also let us have one wall painted, you could choose 1 of the 5 they had as a sample. Well I choose to have the red they offered. It is so nice looking, I loved having the one wall that stands out. I think cause I liked it so much, when we have our own house to decorate I will paint my wall the same color. Well its sad to say goodbye to our first apartment that we made so many memories in but we are off to our next adventure. When I get another camera again I will have to post some pictures. . . . its weird not to be able to take any pictures.
Oh an special thanks to David, Willis, Brad, Liz and Jill for helping us move the HEAVY furniture out and to the new storage shed. We are so greatfull for the help.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

This was our first Valentines Day together as a married couple. (Wow I didn't realize how many firsts there are when you are newly married). The night before Rob went to the store to buy some candies to suck on and he came back with an armfull of things. He picked up some beautiful flower and the second biggest box of assorted chocolates. He knows me well cause I am in heaven with that box every night I have 2 pieces. I can't eat to much at one time cause they won't last as long.

Then on Valentines Day we had some santa bucks to Kays Jewelery so we went looking and we were able to get me a ring for my right hand. I kept telling him that when we had a few extra dollars I wanted to get one. And Here it is I got one for my Valentines Present. It is beautiful, the only things is I have to give it back for about a week so they can resize it. I guess my right hand is a little bigger than my left hand.

Man am I spoiled or what? Oh but do I love it!!

Then I was thinking I didn't get him anything. . . . . but I decided that I would clean the house up for him. He has been doing that alot lately so why not do it for him and he can sleep in an not worry about anything. His mom actually asked him what he got for Valentines Day and he said "My wife is actually cleaning the house for once," That little brat he then told his mom that I was going to take him to Outback Steak House. Yeah we decided to got there around 4 and the wait was 1 1/2 to 2 hours.....yeah no thank you we will go another not and pretend that we went on Valentines day, So instead we just decided to go to 5 Buck pizza and that hit the spot it was so delicious.

All in all we had a great Valentines Day together. I love him so much!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years and beyond

Well we had a great first New Years as a married couple. I actually stayed up until midnight and later. I had to do everything I could to stay awake so that I could prove him wrong. On the 31st I got home from work and we decided that we wanted to make cookies, well we only got one package which was stupid because we love the cookie dough. So what did we do, we made another trip to the store and bought two more packages. In the mean time I washed our toasting glasses and got our sparkling cider ready. I think one thing that kept us away is MAMA MIA, he actually let me get it and watched it with me. We had a blast singing to the songs together. Then at about 10 till we turned on the tv to watch the count down. We counted down with the tv and toasted each other and had a great New Years kiss. Finally (it seemed like forever) I got to rest my eyes and go to bed.
Then on New Years I went to my parents to have my sister dye my hair back to brown, so I no longer have the blonde streaks. Thank goodness I don't want to have to pay 80 dollars every two or three months finally. And amazingly my hair didn't to black it is a normal brown color, which made my husband very happy to see me normal. If I ever get the internet back up at my house I will post some pictures of these events.
We are still having a blast together and loving the married life. I will try to keep this thing updated better on any exciting events that may come along the way.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day

Well we had a great first Christmas together. It was nice we got up at 10 with no kids that were excited to get up and see what Santa brough. Maybe in a few years that will happen. We exchanged gift that we got each other and then the presents Guido gave us and finally the presents that Santa gave us.
Then Santa made a special visit to my parents house this year on Sunday because my sister was in town from Colorado. We got a date night from my brother which was alot of fun. Then on Christmas day we went to my parents at night just to visit, and my parents got a snowblower from all the kids. My dad loves it he looks like a kid in a candy store. He told us to come look at it and her just smiles at us with the biggest grin while it throws the snow. (If you don't about my dad I don't know like 10-15 years ago he was shoveling snow and passed out in the front yard and had to have open heart surgery. He now has an artificial valve. So we get nervous when he has to shovel the snow). So we like to keep safe from having the same problem again.
Later in the day we went down to Rob's parents house again to have more like a Thanksgiving feast. Then we exchanged gifts with all his brothers and sisters and nieces and newphew.
After leaving my parents house to go home for the night a huge snow storm started up and left us a good 6-12 inches on the ground. It was fun to just sit and watch the snow fall outside our apartment.

Chirstmas seemed to go by so fast this year with all the family that we have to visit with. We didn't stop until about 9:00 at night. It was a blast and we had a great first christmas together.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we got off early from work and headed down to Rob's parents house. They told us that the elf's had stopped by and left us a present that we had to open. Well we got down to Saratoga Springs and had some Pappa Potatoes, Ham, and Fruit Salad it was so delicous. And we were lucky that we got to have some of the leftovers to take home. Then it was time to open the Elf presents. I got Silk cheeta prints pajamas, and Rob got a Redneck shirt and some plaid pants for pajamas. Then we got to come home and relax together and go to sleep as late as we wanted. Here is a picture of the PJs we got.

Isn't he sexy!!