Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moving Time!!

Well our lease is up with our apartment and we are waiting for Rob to start his job up in Wyoming. This post will have no pictures because well the last night we were at our apartment we were broken into, they got away with my laptop, camera, diamond earings, watch, and some DVDS. I was crying so hard when I found out what had happened and luckily we have renters insurance. So we are unable to get on the internet or take pictures until we see what the insurance will help us with, I am actually posting this at my work in my free time between calls.
I love the place we were able to stay in, I wanted the hardwood floors so bad now I realize you can ALWAYS tell when your floor is dirty. They also let us have one wall painted, you could choose 1 of the 5 they had as a sample. Well I choose to have the red they offered. It is so nice looking, I loved having the one wall that stands out. I think cause I liked it so much, when we have our own house to decorate I will paint my wall the same color. Well its sad to say goodbye to our first apartment that we made so many memories in but we are off to our next adventure. When I get another camera again I will have to post some pictures. . . . its weird not to be able to take any pictures.
Oh an special thanks to David, Willis, Brad, Liz and Jill for helping us move the HEAVY furniture out and to the new storage shed. We are so greatfull for the help.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

This was our first Valentines Day together as a married couple. (Wow I didn't realize how many firsts there are when you are newly married). The night before Rob went to the store to buy some candies to suck on and he came back with an armfull of things. He picked up some beautiful flower and the second biggest box of assorted chocolates. He knows me well cause I am in heaven with that box every night I have 2 pieces. I can't eat to much at one time cause they won't last as long.

Then on Valentines Day we had some santa bucks to Kays Jewelery so we went looking and we were able to get me a ring for my right hand. I kept telling him that when we had a few extra dollars I wanted to get one. And Here it is I got one for my Valentines Present. It is beautiful, the only things is I have to give it back for about a week so they can resize it. I guess my right hand is a little bigger than my left hand.

Man am I spoiled or what? Oh but do I love it!!

Then I was thinking I didn't get him anything. . . . . but I decided that I would clean the house up for him. He has been doing that alot lately so why not do it for him and he can sleep in an not worry about anything. His mom actually asked him what he got for Valentines Day and he said "My wife is actually cleaning the house for once," That little brat he then told his mom that I was going to take him to Outback Steak House. Yeah we decided to got there around 4 and the wait was 1 1/2 to 2 hours.....yeah no thank you we will go another not and pretend that we went on Valentines day, So instead we just decided to go to 5 Buck pizza and that hit the spot it was so delicious.

All in all we had a great Valentines Day together. I love him so much!!!!