Saturday, October 31, 2009

All about Paisley

Just for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of paisley having a good ol'e time after her bath and with her toys.

Isn't she just so adorable

Just after her bath

Paisley just chillin in her bed

The Animals are ready for Christmas

So we absolutly love the Dollar store that is about 5 minutes from us. You would not believe the fun things you can get there. Anyways as we were walking down the pet asile I came across and outfit that would work for all the animals we have. The outfit is something that goes around there next with jingle bells and then an elf hat to put on there head. So here is the pictures a few of them with it on. Keyko let us get the best picture but hey they are still so cute so I had to put it up.

Here is Paisley:
(I am thinking about putting this on her for our family pictures what do you think)

Here is Keyko:

New Hair- I am in love

That's right I decided to chop the hair off. I was a drastic change for me but I love it so much. Its nice to have short hair but I also miss the long hair some days, it just depends on my mood. II donated about 10 inches to Locks of Love, which left the hair just past the shoulder. I told her to just keep going and I absolutly love what she did with the hair and taught me how to style it correctly. I would recommend Jessica Sessions to anyone who needs anything done with your hair. She does exactly what you request. By the way if you cant tell its an a-line look. I have only figured out a few styles but I am working on it everyday.

So here is the before:

(Its not the best but you get the idea of how long it was)

Here is the After:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paisley Girl

So as the other day I gave Paisley a bath because she was beginning to smell. So after her bath I decided I would put her hair up on the top of her head as you can see in the pictures. By the end of the night everything was torn out of her hair. Sorry the pictures are so bad thery are from my phone that is not very great quality, but hey you get the idea.
Here she is sitting with Rob

This is after she takes everything out crazy hair girl.

Paisley sitting so cute on the couch.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazing deals found here
I got this off of a friends blog and checked it out, if only I knew about it sooner since I am a coupon clipper. I make sure we go to the store every Sunday to get the newspaper. If I am feeling lucky that day I sometimes get the Sunday double deal. I love saving money everyway I can. Anyways check it out and you can save some money too.