Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updates Galore

Wow it has been a long time since I last posted anything. Its been kind of a wild month with things going on every weekend, and not getting a break. Sorry this one is going to be a long post but you'll get over it. Well alot has been going on so I will just let you know one thing at a time that has happened. And I ran out of time updating this at work so the last one that is so important to me I will post about tomorrow, So check back and you can hear some good news.

Mothers Day

Just want to throw a little shout out to Mom Whiting and Mom Feland, I know its a little late but moms do so much for everyone that we can't only celebrate just one day for them, everyday should be moms day. Anyways, these are two very special women in our lives. We love them so much, and we know they would do anything for us if we ever needed. Just want to thank each of you for the love and support you have shown to us and being there fore us when we are struggling. We love being able to have each one of you so close to us, and one day we will be so happy that we can tell oure kids they have 2 totally AWESOME and LOVING grandma's. We love you Mom Whiting and Mom Feland. You are special women that who knows what we would do with out.

My new home

Well On May 5th I decided to get off work early so we could go look for a new apartment. For some reason I decided that we should go look for an apartment in the heart of downtown, now I look back and say why did I ever say that. Some of these places were so disgusting and not a hommy kind of feeling. Rob kept asking me, "would you ever come home at night by yourself." I kept thinking to myself I don't even like to go to the store by myself at night why would I ever live hear and come home by myself. That option faded real quick. Our last resort was the place that we live in now. Im not going to say what it is called or the address on the internet that is to scary, incase there is anyone that reads this that doesn't know me. But I absolutly love the place, it has 2 swimming pools, 2 workout gyms, 2 laundry sites, a HUGE walk in closet and so on. The only thing is we are on the top floor, but hey we will deal with it. So we moved in on May 9th and finally are just getting everything figured out and put in its place. Once again when we get the internet I will put up some pictures of the apartment on the inside only.

The Wedding

Well my twin sister got married on May 2nd. Wow it was a long long day. I had gone to be the night before at about 11 or 12 pm, and I had to be up at 2:30 in the morning to get to my parents house to start my sisters hair. Well I finished her hair all up and went outside to meet me husband and it started sprinkling. Well we had to rearrage her hair and put it up so it didn't flatten from the day. Just when I thought I was finished with everything my two sisters and my mom decide they would like me to help them with there hair also. Well everyone had to be to the temple by about 7 because there session started at 7:40. Wow that is a very extremely early morning.
Just after they were sealed went them came out to have everyone see them and take pictures it was just pooring rain. So lets just say there are not to many great pictures of them at the temple. (I am thinking of when they get back from Brad's summer job I will take them both back and walk around the temple and get some good pictures for them.)
After that we had a lunchin that was catered that Brad's family did for the day. It was some delicious food. it was salad, chicken fetticini, bread sticks, water and cookies. In the mean time Melinda our oldest sister had to remake the bouquet and coursage and let just say every flower that was needs for the night because the frige that we stored all the flowers in was to cold and froze them all except the bridal bouquet. We didn't finish making them until the reception had started and and people were coming in to visit the bride and goom.
Well it was really actually a great and eventfull day that I am sure they will never forget. And now there are in Florida for the summer for Brad's job and Elizabeth gets to enjoy the humid weather and the beach that is 5 minutes away from them.
(When I get the internet at my house I will post some pictures of the beautifull day)