Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun times with Andrew

So the other weekend I got to babysit my nephew Andrew (which is the cutest baby ever), because my sister had her gallbladder removed and couldn't lift him or be alone. So I had a great time with them. I got to play dress up with Andrew, I am not sure how much he enjoyed it but I had a blast doing it. Everytime I got him in a new outfit guaranteed he would spit up in it, so by the time I was ready to put all the clothes in the closet, they all had to be washed since they were dirty now. I put him in a an outfit that we bought him for the 4th of July but didn't

end up fitting him until now, and I also put him a church out that was a black shirt with a white vest and

pants that had black pin stripes He look like a PIMP.

He was so much fun to dress I can't wait till I have my own to dress up.

When I babysit Andrew I love to do tummy time with him and put him in his bumbo to learn to sit up. Well he hates his tummy time because his head is so big and heavy he will look up at you then bang his head on the floor because it is so heavy. So after telling you that my sister told me that he went for his 4 month check up and he is 17 lbs 2oz with his head being 44 cm. She has got a monster on her hands. But he is so cute how could you not love how chunky he is.