Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years and beyond

Well we had a great first New Years as a married couple. I actually stayed up until midnight and later. I had to do everything I could to stay awake so that I could prove him wrong. On the 31st I got home from work and we decided that we wanted to make cookies, well we only got one package which was stupid because we love the cookie dough. So what did we do, we made another trip to the store and bought two more packages. In the mean time I washed our toasting glasses and got our sparkling cider ready. I think one thing that kept us away is MAMA MIA, he actually let me get it and watched it with me. We had a blast singing to the songs together. Then at about 10 till we turned on the tv to watch the count down. We counted down with the tv and toasted each other and had a great New Years kiss. Finally (it seemed like forever) I got to rest my eyes and go to bed.
Then on New Years I went to my parents to have my sister dye my hair back to brown, so I no longer have the blonde streaks. Thank goodness I don't want to have to pay 80 dollars every two or three months finally. And amazingly my hair didn't to black it is a normal brown color, which made my husband very happy to see me normal. If I ever get the internet back up at my house I will post some pictures of these events.
We are still having a blast together and loving the married life. I will try to keep this thing updated better on any exciting events that may come along the way.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day

Well we had a great first Christmas together. It was nice we got up at 10 with no kids that were excited to get up and see what Santa brough. Maybe in a few years that will happen. We exchanged gift that we got each other and then the presents Guido gave us and finally the presents that Santa gave us.
Then Santa made a special visit to my parents house this year on Sunday because my sister was in town from Colorado. We got a date night from my brother which was alot of fun. Then on Christmas day we went to my parents at night just to visit, and my parents got a snowblower from all the kids. My dad loves it he looks like a kid in a candy store. He told us to come look at it and her just smiles at us with the biggest grin while it throws the snow. (If you don't about my dad I don't know like 10-15 years ago he was shoveling snow and passed out in the front yard and had to have open heart surgery. He now has an artificial valve. So we get nervous when he has to shovel the snow). So we like to keep safe from having the same problem again.
Later in the day we went down to Rob's parents house again to have more like a Thanksgiving feast. Then we exchanged gifts with all his brothers and sisters and nieces and newphew.
After leaving my parents house to go home for the night a huge snow storm started up and left us a good 6-12 inches on the ground. It was fun to just sit and watch the snow fall outside our apartment.

Chirstmas seemed to go by so fast this year with all the family that we have to visit with. We didn't stop until about 9:00 at night. It was a blast and we had a great first christmas together.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we got off early from work and headed down to Rob's parents house. They told us that the elf's had stopped by and left us a present that we had to open. Well we got down to Saratoga Springs and had some Pappa Potatoes, Ham, and Fruit Salad it was so delicous. And we were lucky that we got to have some of the leftovers to take home. Then it was time to open the Elf presents. I got Silk cheeta prints pajamas, and Rob got a Redneck shirt and some plaid pants for pajamas. Then we got to come home and relax together and go to sleep as late as we wanted. Here is a picture of the PJs we got.

Isn't he sexy!!