Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun times with Andrew

So the other weekend I got to babysit my nephew Andrew (which is the cutest baby ever), because my sister had her gallbladder removed and couldn't lift him or be alone. So I had a great time with them. I got to play dress up with Andrew, I am not sure how much he enjoyed it but I had a blast doing it. Everytime I got him in a new outfit guaranteed he would spit up in it, so by the time I was ready to put all the clothes in the closet, they all had to be washed since they were dirty now. I put him in a an outfit that we bought him for the 4th of July but didn't

end up fitting him until now, and I also put him a church out that was a black shirt with a white vest and

pants that had black pin stripes He look like a PIMP.

He was so much fun to dress I can't wait till I have my own to dress up.

When I babysit Andrew I love to do tummy time with him and put him in his bumbo to learn to sit up. Well he hates his tummy time because his head is so big and heavy he will look up at you then bang his head on the floor because it is so heavy. So after telling you that my sister told me that he went for his 4 month check up and he is 17 lbs 2oz with his head being 44 cm. She has got a monster on her hands. But he is so cute how could you not love how chunky he is.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Time

We are Lucky that our birthdays fall on August 24th and 25th so we can celebrate them together. My family if it is your birthday you don't have to work (like house work and so on). So for Rob's we stayed at home and listened to music as loud as we could and watched his favorite shows. So this year I worked in the morning and at night started my 3rd semester in Cosmetology school and I ended up having the first day of school on my birthday. Luckily I got out of school at 6 and not the normal time which is 10. We decided to go somewhere that both of us like and not just me. We went the Outback Steakhouse which you can never go wrong with eating there. The only thing I have ever eaten there is hambergers (anyone who knows me knows that just about all I eat). They started bringing out the appatizer (which was free since I had a code from doing there online survey) and the manager makes a visit to our table. He says we just ran out of hamberger is ther something else on the menu you would like to order. At that time I am in shock because I have no idea what to get now. Rob is just mad and is trying to convince me to leave and come back when they have exactly what they want. I decided to stay and try the grilled chicken which was okay but nothing can beat my husband BBQ chicken (that is how I started eating chicken). So between my bloomin' onions and my grilled chicken with a baked potatoe I was so full. Then to top it all off Rob decided it was a good idea to let them know it was my birthday and they brought out some ice cream and sang Happy Birthday. So our birthdays were pretty casual this year but it was so fun at the same time we got to spend some much needed time together and relax with each other. I love you babe thanks for such a great Birthday. I hope yours was as good as mine was. I LOVE YOU!!!!
On to other things as you already read school is back in session and I am taking 14 credits this semester we will see how I do with full time work and school. I am never going to be able to see my husband again until December. Just want Rob to know that even if I am onry and I don't want to anything but stay at home and sleep still know that I love you. I don't know how much I will be posting during this next semester but My goal is to try to get some of our adventures up at least once a month. So you may be getting alot in one post. Sorry.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camping Fun

We decided to take a weekend off and go camping up to Payson lakes. It was so beautiful and it rained just about everday for a little bit. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in Rob's parents 5th wheel. Rob decided that we where going to catch fish for them to eat for dinner which his family never doubts that he will catch enough plus extra for them to eat (he is the best fisherman I have ever meet.) Here he is trying to catch his fish while I am annoying him while I am trying to get his picture done.

Here is beautiful picture of the sunset while I was watching him fish.

This is us again not the best but it will do for not taking showers in like 2 days.

On our same trip I took Paisley to the lake and she had a ball. She is always trying to play in there water at the house so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see how she likes it. As you can tell she absolutly loved it.

Here is Paisley after I tried to rinse all the mud off of her. It didn't work so well.

It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get home from where we were. The entire time we were coming home she was so bad and would wine and cry the whole time. I was getting so frustrated. So about 1o minutes before we got home I decided to put her up on my shoulder and she was finally happy and quiet the rest of the time. I couldn't believe that is all that she wanted. Here she is on my shoulder being good as can be with her pigtails and all.

Don't look at me but here is Paisley and me just relaxing having a good time.

We sure did enjoy our time up there. I wish I could live up there all year long.
Onto other things for my summer semester I got two A- and one A. I worked so hard and not I get a little three week vacation and then start back up on my birthday which is August 25th.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st Semester down

It's true I have survived the first semester of Cosmetology school. I can't believe I was able to work full time and ended up going to school full time. The orientation class gave me the basics of what we will be doing on an everday basis from here on out. Wow can I say just a little nervous to be out on the floor working on a live people instead of just Maniquines that don't move and they don't care if I mess up. My friend Heather and I joke that we will need to take a few valume before we go to school on Tuesday to calm our nerves. I ended up taking a 2 week crash course which turned out better that expected. It was intense 2 weeks with a few assignments due each day but I came out of this semester with a 4.0!!! YAY!!!!
Now time to move on with this schooling and I hope to be completed by August of next year. That seems so crazy to me to be done that soon. Lets hope that everything goes as planned with no hiccups in the road and I will be your ceritifed hairdresser. Maybe one day I will put pictures up of the different styles that we learned. But for now I am done with orientation and onto the next step in this long road of cosmetology school.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The New Arrival

Andrew James Vanfleet
Arrived May 5, 2010
at 11:58 P.M.
Weighed in at 8lbs and 3oz
Measured 20 inches long

Andrew is the first baby born on the Whiting side my family, so we were all so excited when he finally decided to make his appearance. I went and visited the new little family the next day and was just so much fun to visit and have him meet his new favorite Aunt. He has got so much hair and is the talk of the nursery. Andrew ended up having to be on the Bili lights so he looked like he was tanning with the goggles they put on him (when I upload pictures I will post that). He is a calm baby and doesn't cry to much just when he is not bundeled in a blanket or needs a bottle or a diaper change ofcourse. He is such a joy to have in the family here are some pictures of the proud first time parents and grandparents.

Liz, Brad and baby Andrew

Brad Holding his precious newborn son!!

New mommy with her first born

Proud first time Grammy with Andrew

Proud Grandpa with Andrew

We Love baby Andrew already!!!